PanthR Super PainRelief

PanthR Super Relief Cream

PanthR Super Relief Cream

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Sit back in the chair and relax without worrying about overbearing pain. Our pre tattoo numbing cream will isolate and Relieve the pain area you are about to get tattooed, enabling you to sit through your entire session in comfort. Heading into your next appointment, you’ll be full of confidence, knowing it will be a pain-free experience, and you won’t need to ask your tattooist to slow down or stop the session. This multi-purpose tattoo numbing cream is also useful for waxing, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, piercings, and much more!


Relieve the pain area you’re about to get tattooed
A pain-free, relaxing, and enjoyable tattooing session
Never ask your tattooist to stop or slow down again
Can be used for many other cosmetic procedures